Thursday, August 29, 2013

... But Who's Keeping Score?

I'll admit I've got a reputation for keeping the wrong score in my own favor at home.  Some people [ahem/ahem/Billy/achoo/Gesundheit] call it "cheating".  I simply call it keeping score.

Anyway, I've been keeping this score sheet in my head since I got here.  I hope this doesn't make me seem ungrateful, because I really have been enjoying every single minute here... Just - part of that is keeping score, that's all...

Bay Area        Tours
bikram yoga 1 0
cappuccino* 1 0
coffee 1 1
wifi on train 1 0
diversity 1 0
farmer's markets 1 0
professional volleyball team 0 1
affordable organic food 0 1
dog shit everywhere** 0 1
easy public transportation*** 0 1
bike routes 0 1
nail salons**** 1 0
yoga studios 1 0
food 1 1
volleyball fans 0 1
affordable housing 0 1
total 9 9

*  France does NOT GET the cappuccino.  When I get a camera, I plan on devoting an entire series of blog posts to the hilarity that they call cappuccino here.  When asked about it, they will say - that is the french cappuccino.  It is sad.  Italy needs to start a "Save Good Coffee From Becoming A Bad French Cappuccino" campaign ASAP.

**  Dog shit.  Ahhhh, France!  La merde everywhere.  Nothing against dogs (obviously, le petit chien can't do anything about his/her bodily needs), but dog owners leave their dogs' shit just lying around everywhere: sidewalks, streets, pathways in parks, you name it!  It is part of DAILY life here stepping in dog doo doo.

*** Sorry, BART, it's not that you're not easy, it's just that you don't connect to any major transportation routes easily from MY house.  The train/bus stations here are in the center of town.  Everything revolves around them...  BART, I love you, but you've still got a long way to go (literally).

****  I wouldn't have even noticed this three years ago and I'm not saying this is a good thing, but there are 20 nail salons on Park Street alone.  There are ZERO here.  Like, none.  I haven't seen one.

So, it's a dead tie right now 9 to 9 (including the nails salons and poodle poop), but who's keeping score?  :)

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