Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day 3 - A Day to Forget!

I started out great today!  Had great butterfly passing and nice hitting lines.  But later on, during the six on six scrimmaging, I really started to see my dreams fading for the first time during this trip!!!!  I lost confidence on serve-receive and never really recovered...

After the live streamed inter-squad match I was feeling down for not making the top 14 remaining players.  So, I took a long beautiful hike up the ski run behind the hotel to clear my mind and relax a little...  It was so beautiful!  Breathing in the fresh mountain air felt amazing and at the top of the hill was this incredible view of the whole valley.  It really gave me some perspective on what I'm here to do.  I hope it helps me do better tomorrow.

The whole time - I don't know why - I just kept thinking about this quote from a Gordon Ramsay interview where he said about Hell's Kitchen something like, "They're all great chefs, but it's about getting through the process, winning challenges, and gaining experience along the way..."  Something like that...  Anyway, I just hope I can get my confidence back and put forth my best effort tomorrow.

Sleepy time!  More later...

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