Thursday, August 29, 2013

Ohhhhhhhhh My Hoofers!

Just FYI - I'm watching Scoobie Doo in French right now and IT.  IS.  AWESOME.

After walking everywhere so much this week in my flip flops, last night the right side of my foot started to throb.  I should've thrown an ice pack on it right away, but instead I shrugged it off and decided a night of rest will probably do enough good for it to feel better in the morning...  WRONG!  How many times do I have to learn this lesson?!?!?  When it hurts, put an ice pack on it!  It makes me want a version of this Portlandia skit for injured athletes:

Ahahaha...  PUT.  AN.  ICE.  PACK.  ON.  IT.

Today, the President accompanied me to see my dream apartment, I finally got my FIVB international transfer number, and started my temporary long-stay visa paperwork for France.  All this bureaucratic bull on top of my nagging foot pain kinda put a kink in my outlook on the day.  So, while Laurent made lunch, I blasted some of my favorite music: King Crimson's Walking On Air, Erik Satie's Je Te VeuxSimon and Garfunkle's Greatest Hits, and this Bell Chant.

The music sparked a deep conversation about the incredible life of Laurent Cahu.  We ate and talked.  He's been really great about opening up his home and sharing everything with me...  He's also been a very  patient French teacher at every opportunity he gets.  He takes the time to explain expressions and words to me - for example, well, every bad word in the French language, slang for "cops", the word "mothballs", etc.  Ahaha!  :)

I can't say my foot or my mood had fully recovered by the time we rolled up to the gym, HOWEVER, by the time I laced up my shoes, every thought from my day just completely faded away into team thoughts.  Volleyball practice has a way of quieting the mind that I just love so much...  Once that ball is in the air, the team is all that matters...  A lot of the credit for this feeling goes to the coach of course.  She's doing a really good job setting the tone, working us out, and starting to get us to think as one.  Oh man, just typing this gives me such a good feeling!  Love my team!!  Love this sport!!

The Head Coach gave me a lift back to Laurent's place.  It was a real privilege getting a chance to talk to her.  She told me her volleyball history (she's my hero) and I told her about how much I love hot yoga.  She said that if you buy the TGV tickets for Tours-Paris far enough in advance it can be as cheap as 20 euros!!!!  I said, "GET OUT!"  I'm stoked...  This means that I can go practice bikram in Paris - maybe as often as once a month.  This is great news!  Can't wait!

Opening the door to the house was like walking into a scene from Ratatouille - ha! - Laurent had cooked up a specialty of his, a very meaty sausage and vegetable stew.  So, I made an exception and tasted it.  Delicious!  This is the first pork I've had since May!  I sauteed some zucchini on the side and ate while icing my foot and then almost fell asleep on the couch.  So beat!!  Bed now.

More later!

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