Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Meeting Louis CK, Apologies, Corrections...

Last night the team practiced with two new girls.  Very exciting.  Still lots of work to do...  Also moved into my own place last night!  This morning I woke up in my own bed in my own room!

I had a super vivid dream about meeting Louis CK:
Sarah and Meghan and I were pouring off a bus along with a whole lot of other people.  We were walking up a Bay Bridge highway on ramp when I noticed Louis CK just laying back on the asphalt.  I stopped dead in my tracks (inconveniencing a bunch of people who had to then step around us) and said "Oh my God, Louie!!!!  ...or is it Louis??  Haha... I don't know, but it's you!  Louis CK!"  I awkwardly bent over and gave him a weirdly forced hug while he was laying there and couldn't really go anywhere or hug me back.  Ha!  I don't remember much more except that (once he stood up) I got to tell him that I thought his best joke was the "Noggin" joke and then I woke up and, to no avail, tried to go right to sleep in the same position so that I could go back to the dream and bask in the light of his greatness...

Louis CK is one of my heroes for a few reasons:
1.  The arch of his career proves that hard work works
2.  Female ally in comedy (He seriously is...)
3.  Thinks for himself and owns how he interacts with his audience
4.  Makes his work cheap and accessible online
5.  Shameless, Hilarious, Chewed Up, Oh My God, just to name a few...
When I get back to the States I want to meet him super bad.  Just putting that out there, Universe...  :)

Back to France.  I'm all set up with a bed, hot water, laundry, electricity, a fast and free internet connection, and unlimited use of the world's smallest kitchen.  Ha!

This morning I set out to buy some necessities like shampoo, toothpaste, sponges, dish soap, salt, pepper, oil, vinegar, etc.  And now I must apologize and take back something I wrote in previous posts here and here because I found French Farmer's Market MECCA in Les Halles (a cute corner of town just a few bus stops over the bridge from my new home!).  I seriously almost passed out when I saw it - I was so excited!!!  Just Oh! like a kilometer squared of beautiful farm fresh fruits and veggies, local eggs, vinegars, oils, cheeses, fish, meats, every French food your heart could desire.  So, I'm sorry I was quick to judge you, Tours, because your farmer's markets are insanely cool.  :)

Tonight is my first practice coaching the men's regional team here.  So, at 8pm about 15 adult men who only speak French are going to be staring at me and listening to me (haha - hopefully!).  Here goes nothing!

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