Monday, August 12, 2013

Day 5 - Incredibleness

Today, a coach who is tight with some Nordic team coaches arrived to check out the remaining players on tour.  HOPE!  We had no morning practice, so I was able to get over to the five star hotel right next door and do some yoga and jump in the pool...  That made me a very happy girl!!!!!!  The yoga class was in Italian - which really got my brain excited to learn a new language!  :)

We practiced at 3:30pm and then took the evening off.  The BIP staff decided that our group needed a break, so we loaded onto a bus at 5pm and drove about thirty minutes to Doppler Vineyards for a full-on catered dinner with wine pairings and everything...  It was absolutely incredible!!!  

The Dras Center staff greeted us with Sparkling Wine, currants, blueberries, and melon (mmmmmmm!).  We ate, and drank, and laughed atop the most beautiful vine-covered mountain with a 360 degree view of the surrounding valley and mountains.  The sunset was incredible.   Second course was Sauvignon Blanc served with homemade cheese, dried apricots and apples, and rustic bread.  The main course was a buffet with grilled vegetables, salad, and kabobs with a red pepper spread paired with their muscato (which was surprisingly dry)...  So, yeah - we ate well and got to forget about volleyball for a while (which made many of us very happy - a little too happy at some points - haha!).

Rasco (the main server at the Dras Center) gave us a tour of the winery and really just treated us like royalty all night.  Seriously, I felt like I was on the Bachelorette for a second.  It was just too good for words.

Another practice at 11am tomorrow and then we're off to a game versus a local pro team here in Maribor.  Our last setter was placed in Denmark and left this morning, so hopefully there is someone willing to take her spot in our match!  We'll find out soon no doubt.  

More later...

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