Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Day 6 - Make it Rain

We practiced this morning at 11am.  Not my best performance (my left achilles is feeling better, but now my right shoulder is starting to ache a little).  Aches and pains aside, I actually feel pretty healthy right now and I'm still enjoying every second being on the court with the remaining ladies...  I know it's idiotic to hold up hope at this point since the odds are stacked against all of us getting contracts, but I still feel strongly that we're all good enough to play professionally...  I find myself wishing that the states had a pro volleyball league like they do here so that these incredible American women could play volleyball together on their home courts and not feel so culturally displaced.  The PVL is coming along, but it's going to take a long time to develop that circuit to match what the adult female athletes have here.  They are so lucky!!

After practice we ate and showered and I jumped on my bike to run down to the store to pick up some odds and ends (first aid, air freshener, etc.), then it was off to Ruse to play a division one professional team here.  They were all ages!  Girls fourteen to forty!!  So cool...

Thankfully, they let us borrow their amazing setters (Anna and Ulska (sp?)).  We won three out of four games against them.  In the game I played outside hitter, we were behind the whole time, but then came back to win 26-24.  Close one!  I got aced by a fourteen year old - haha!!! - :(  That little girl could SERVE!  I got one great kill down the line and one good one sharp angle.  My digging and in-play passing was good, but my serve-receive?!?!  Choked again!  While I wasn't on the court, I was head cheerleader and just had a blast cheering on the sideline for our amazing team!  A couple of girls really had outstanding performances - low errors, high sideout percentage, aces, etc...  This team was not easy to ace (unlike me - hehe...).  Anyway, came up with a couple great nicknames and cheers for people (I know they love me so they don't mind how crazy and loud I was).

Oh oh - the title!  It rained and drizzled all day - and I guess it's supposed to freeze again tomorrow, but we're off to Vienna to play another team there (fun fun fun!).

Also, the American men arrived for their tour today!  Gotto run now.  More later...

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