Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 13 - My Lucky Day

Today, I accepted an offer to play for Saint-Cyr-sur-Loire Volleyball in Tours, France.  It feels a little like jumping off a cliff because I haven't even gotten used to the light switches being on the outside of the doors!!  Ahahaha!

My to do list:

1.  Cancel flight - Sorry, Amsterdam...  Until we meet again!
2.  Cancel phone service - Nice knowing you Verizon Wireless...
3.  Defer student loans - ACS, please burn to the ground.  ;)
4.  Find a yoga studio in Tours.
5.  Find an apartment in Tours (Yes, in that order...  ha!).
6.  Fill out a copious amount of forms for visas, USA Volleyball fees, insurance, etc.
7.  Find a side job (so I can eat like an athlete, not just some regular Jean-Paul off the street)!
8.  Get more clothes shipped from home so I don't look like a schmuck!
9.  Send a batch of post cards - this time - to all my enemies...  Ahahah - jk jk!!
10.  Keep working hard...  cause that shit works!  :)


  1. 11. Send Mom, Billy, all sisters and others your new phone number so we can talk to you!

  2. Amy,

    Very excited for you. Yes, hard work works. We are all planning trips to visit already. Be careful, pace yourself, be safe, learn and improve. Be focused and committed. Let your reward be others respect for your hard work and determination. Love you.

  3. Thanks Mom and Dad!! Love you guys so much!!!

  4. To quote Mr. DeCoux... don't forget to open a can o' whoopass! ;)

  5. Amy!! You are an inspiration to us all!

    After reading your emails this morning I blow-dried my hair and did my most passionate 'Reverend Mother' rendition of Climb Every Mountain and sobbed like a baby. I am SO PROUD OF YOU!
    Way to go after you want in life. Way to not take no for an answer. Way to show everyone what the F*@! your made of! Way to take lemons and make a five layer lemon meringue cake! Way to EAT THEIR FACES!!

    Love you Sister! You're amazing x Sarah

  6. ahahah! will do @leanne!!

    Sarah - lol - you, sister, are MY inspiration! mmmm... visage... ahah!